Olive U Naturally



Olive U Naturally is an American olive oil distributor focused on making and sourcing olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes. They have a wide selection of flavored olive oils as well as premium truffle oils but were lacking a mobile optimized website, credit card payments and brand awareness. Olive U Naturally wanted a new webshop, pictures of each item they sell and an experience that made it easy for their customers to find and shop for their products.

Tasks for the Project:

  • 54 Individual product shots, each with their own unique flavor profile built into the photo. Retouched in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to bring the flavors of the products to life.
  • Logo redesign and branding colors were chosen to reflect the products sold by the company.
  • Specific pages were updated to make better use of colors in product pages and on the homepage. Elements were moved to provide a better landing page experience for new users to get a sense of the products value for cooking and eating.

DSC_6560-1DSC_6456-1DSC_6588 DSC_8464x DSC_8421mindreBalsamiq Pomogranate1 Balsamic Apricot1Balsamic Strawberry1Balsamic Mango1 Oil Basil Oil Fennel
Oil Harrisa2 Oil Cilantro OnionDSC_8483Balsamiq Maple1