Degree Projects

This page contains only a few of the projects I did during my bachelors studies.


Thesis project

January – June 2016
Group of two people

During my last semester at Univeristy I did a thesis project with my thesis. My co-witer and I decided to create a tool to help university students with ADHD to be able to schedule and structre their school life better. We used participartory design and created a high-fi prototype with the help from real university students with adhd. The process involved interviews, co-designing with the students, creating paperprototypes, lo-fi prototypesand finally a high-fi prototype. Our final high fi prototype involved a schedule/calendar app linked with a wrist band.


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Project within Interaction Design

December 2015- January 2016
Group of three people

For one month we were instructed to create an interactive high-fi prototype of a tool that could work in a crisis situation. My group decided to create an easy to use translating app for the refugees coming to t-centralen. This was at the time a very current problem with big groups of people arriving at tcentralen daily not knowing where to go next. After interviewing Röda Korset and Refugees Welcome we understood that the communication problem was one of their biggest problems. Therefor we created a high-fi prototype for volonteers to be able to help new arriving refugees with what to to next. We also created to posters, one more comercial one to demonstarte our tool and one more informing poster.

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Participartory Design

Group of four

During this class my group and I created a high-fi prototype of a Group On looking app that focused on only selling eco-friendly things. We used participartory design as our method, a method that I love using.