Prototyping Tools
Invision, Adoble Fireworks,, Balsamiq and Justinmind

Requirement Tools

Webdesign and Programming
WordPress, Sketch, Basic: HTML5 & CSS, Python

Photography Software


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Lightroom



 Work Experience

Kvalificerad Handläggare / UX Designer
Stockholm – on going

I currently work as a UX designer at Arbetsförmedlingen.


Stockholm – on goingcamera-logo

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. It’s only during the last few years that I started taking it more seriously and taking on my first clients. I specialize in portraits, weddings and children. You can find my work under “Photography”.


Hundar Utan Hem
Volonteer – on going  290027777

I have been a volonteer at the dog rescue organisation Hundar Utan Hem (Dogs without homes) for a while doing mostley home visits for potential homes. In October 2016 I went to Dublin Ireland  to save 29 dogs and drove them home in a special bus back to Sweden where loving homes were waiting. You find some photos from this trip here.


Bravura – Fastighetsbyrån 
Viewing Hostess – Visningsvärd
Stockholm 2015-08-20 – 2016-105567520803

As a viewing hostess I was in charge of welcoming potential home buyers, collecting contact information, last minute staging changes at open house viewings.


Cultural Care Au Paircultural-care-au-pair-australia_97969_image_55f99bbbddf2b34ed75a3dae
Au Pair – Barnflicka
San Francisco 2012-02-10 – 2012-07-01
Washington D.C. 2012-07-01 – 2013-07-14

I spent 18 months in the United States working as an au pair. Most of my time was spent providing childcare for a 4 and 6 year old. The family I worked for moved from San Francisco to Washington DC, so I had the luck of living on both sides of the country which gave me friends all over the world.


Haninge Kommunhaninge_ligg_logo_rgb
Long-Term Substitute teacher – Vikarietjänst på Kvarnbäcksskolan
Jordbro 2010-08-16 – 2012-02-01

I was working as an substitute teacher between August 2010- August 2011 working with kids of all ages. I worked as an after school teacher with my ”own” class of kindergarten kids. Splitting my time with another teacher I was observing during the morning and teaching during the afternoon.



Psykiatrin Ankaret haninge_ligg_logo_rgb
Haninge 2010-08-09 – 2010-09-03

For one month I was working in at Pshychiatry Ankaret in Haninge. I was working in the kitchen, preparing all meals, baking, made salads and other food stuffs. Plenty of time was spent with the patients which gave me great experience dealing with mentally ill people.



Karolinska Sjukhuset Karolinska_Universitetssjukhuset_logo.svg
Huddinge 2009-06 – 2009-07

For one month I was working as a summer employee in the archive at the Thorax department sorting journals.


MP Games Gröna Lund grona-lund-logo
Stockholm 2008-04-26 – 2008-07-13

At the Gröna Lund amusement park I worked in different lotteries and game stations. It was an absolutely fun and social job experience that enhanced my selling skills.




Bachelor’s Degree in Interaction Design, 180 hp



Classes i’ve taken at Stockholm University (in Swedish)

Examensarbete i data- och systemvetenskap på kandidatnivå, 15 hp

Yrkesförberedande praktik inom data- och systemvetenskap (IB653C Praktik), 15 hp

Individuell kurs inom människa-dator interaktion (ADV-HCI), 7,5 hp

Vetenskaplig metodik och kommunikation inom data- och systemvetenskap (METOD), 7,5 hp

Projektarbete inom interaktionsdesign (ID:PAID), 15 hp

Semiotik i MDI (SEM), 7,5 hp

Analytiska perspektiv inom MDI (APM), 7,5 hp

Vetenskapligt skrivande (VESK (CD-period)), 7,5 hp

Bild, historia, tolkning (KV1391), 7,5 hp

Kognitionspsykologi inom människa- datorinteraktion (KP), 7,5 hp

Kravhantering av IT-system (KRAV), 7,5 hp

Deltagande Design (DD15), 15 hp

Beteende- och socialvetenskap (ID:BETSOC), 7,5 hp

Praktisk projektledning (IB940B (sv)), 7,5 hp

Programmering, fortsättningskurs (ID:WEBPROG), 7,5 hp

Utvärderingsmetoder (ID:UTVMET), 7,5 hp

IT för personligt arbete (ITP), 7,5 hp

Människa-datorinteraktion (ID:MDI), 7,5 hp

Prototyping (ID:Proto), 7,5 hp

Introduktion till programmering (ID:INP), 7,5 hp