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UX / UI Designer

UX / UI Designer

Photography, design and user experience combine to be my passion in life. Educated at Stockholm University in Interaction Design, I am a well balanced designer focusing on simplicity and customer satisfaction for every project I take on.

My creativity takes form in my finished projects. Often key elements of a design need matching supporting elements to make the user experience intuitive and easy to understand from the first use. By aligning my interests in photography and design and I able to produce not only prototypes but also the matching final media that will be used to complete the look and feel my client needs. Being flexible in meeting the clients needs while expressing myself in a project means even challenging projects can be enjoyable with great results. I have a passion for creating clean, simple and modern looking webpages and other IT projects with a great user experience.

In my free time I love singing, it’s one of my big passions in life and has been since a very young age. I currently sing in a choir at KTH called Osqstämman, I love singing in the choir and I’m also a board member in charge of what songs the choir should sing as well as practical choir chores like events. Singing in a choir is such an amazing group experience that gives me so much joy. Another hobby of mine is animals, especially dogs! A year ago I adopted my own dog Kiva from Ireland thru the organisation Hundar Utan Hem, an organization I also volonteer for. I am a big animal person and animal rights will always be close to my heart.

I’m always looking out for new things to try and I love a challenge!